Tthe Reading Closet

My name is Danielle and I am a reading addict. I have been dealing and reading on and off in bookish waves since I was a teenager. I deal mainly in crime and thriller, but I do enjoy the occasional hit of a chick - lit, horror and true crime. Things about me and my book - life: 1. Books just follow me home, I can't help it! 2. I enjoy the smell of books, it should become a perfume fragrance. 3. I always take the book from the back / bottom of the pile because in my mind that one has been touched the least (yes I have a problem) 4. I fall into bookish rabbit holes (Instagram and Netgalley, if you know, you know!) I've started this blog to connect with fellow book fanatics within the reader / reviewer / blogger community and to help others fall in love with reading!